First thing's first:  My Etsy store will be put on "vacation mode" starting Wednesday of next week and wont be back open until mid March.

Why, you ask?  Well, I will tell you in just one moment.  ;)

Until then, I wanted to share that I bought myself an awesome and FOR REAL snap press from KAM Snaps.  I mean, seriously, this guy is the BUSINESS!  I will be using the plastic KAM snaps in place of the metal snaps I had been using.  I know its the dreaded plastic....but it is for safety reasons.  If you use cloth diapers, you know how sturdy and amazing these snaps are.  I am excited to use them for my bibs!

AAAAAND- We are MOVING!!!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am.  Well, yea I can....We are from Los Angeles and moved to Northern California while I was pregnant with Alabama for my husband's job. We were here just about a year when they told us we needed to transfer back home.
Our excitement is met with a lot of stress because packing is, well, packing AND its been difficult to find an apartment in Los Angeles that we would love to call home...We have our fingers crossed about a place right now...Here's hoping.  :)

The problem with apartment living and cloth diapering, is that apartments usually don't have a washer and dryer in the unit.  This scared us at first being that we have been spoiled since Alabama came because we have had our own washer dryer.  We also have noticed, however, how much electricity it has used being that we try to do a load every other day, but we usually do one everyday.  I have searched for ways to fix this dilemma for when we move.

I know you are going to think I am a whack job for this...BUT...I found this.  Its a washer system that uses no electricity, and can do a 5 pound load of laundry in minutes (from what the YouTube review people tell me).  I ordered mine from Amazon and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Hopefully this is the answer.  If not, I will keep trudging.  I don't plan to use it for everything, but it should help with diaper duty.  At any rate, I plan on inviting you all into my little world of experimentation, and I will post the journey on my blog!

Can't wait!


Happy Valentine's Day from us to you! We hope your day was filled with LOVE.


The rain ended early this morning.  I know this because Alabama decided 3:45am was the time to be up and party!!! ;)  We took that time to filter and bottle up the rest of the rain water we collected over the last few days.

Today we got to go visit our good friend and her 2 daughters on their horse ranch.  Her youngest was born a few days before Alabama.  Its such a sweet experience to watch all these young-ins grow!!


rainy day today!!  my favourite!  trying to capture enough rain water to make more baby soap while posting new bib listings to the shop today.


a few snippets of our day today.  Alabama was not happy about bib pictures, as you can see.  So we only took a few...and then we had bananas for the first time!  happy happy day.