Watched UP with Alabama a few times this week.  It is such a sweet movie, and a real reminder that we all have hopes and dream and obstacles that come in between.  I have been reminded countless times in the last few years, or maybe over the course of my entire life (but now I am able to notice) to keep going no matter what.  Nothing is too far to reach.

For our matching skirts I recently made, I used this fabric from Michael Levine. Fun spools of thread.  Well, I thought it was super cute.  :)

I haven't been creating as much the last few days.  You know, I got a TON of "Oh-just-you-waits" when I was pregnant, one of them being "Just you wait until you get sick all the time from being around kids!", and I majorly blocked them out and underestimated how true that was.  I feel like I have had one giant cold since Bam became old enough to enjoy a playground.  I have been under the weather the last week, so.....hopefully in the next day or two, I will get back to it.  I have been drawing things up here and there.  If I don't do things like that while I am on a break, my head will explode.


I doula-ed my first birth on Tuesday.  It was the most amazing experience.  To support someone on that level....It's on an entirely new level of service.  I am humbled and grateful for the honor of having been there.  I will never forget that.

This week I have just been staying quiet. I have been so tired, and not feeling well the last few weeks.  Probably nothing, but I have needed this time to just relax.  I get so high strung and high stress about things, and the way it should all be, and why isn't it the way it should be,? blah blah blah.

This time has been spent just breathing.

....and painting my bench....

I went with an ombre style paint job.  I used what I had on hand, which didn't originally sit well in my imagination, but im glad I went with it anyway,

Because I LOVE IT!!!


You know when you watch Frozen 800 times over a weekend, and you start to notice your brain stop working?  Yea....that is where we are at over here.

With that said; I made a few matching skirts for Bam and I over the weekend <3


Alright, so basically this is my first go at a tutorial.  I did a few different ones, took way too many pictures, cried about it for a few minutes, lit some incense, opened a window to let out my frustrations, and then decided to just post.  I hope this helps you become inspired to make your own shoes for your babies.  I also hope you can see how easy it is to actually put these together yourself.  And they literally cost me $4 to make one pair.  


I thought so...

Remember to have fun.

I am not a pattern maker, so you can find a very simple pattern for this here, and adjust the sizing to fit your bae's feet.