Once upon a time, I had a memory.  Once I had my daughter, it completely left the building.

I even forgot what I was originally going to write in this blog post.

I'm sure it wasn't anything more interesting than what I am about to write about.

My most recent creation is a dress that I am very excited about.  I used this pattern for the bodice.  They have some great patterns for beautiful dresses.  Mostly intermediate skill required, but rather simple to use.

This color combination is perfection.  All scrap fabric I had found in a discount bin at Michael Levine fabric store in downtown Los Angeles.  Including the pattern, this dress cost me around $30.
That's my kind of dress.

Instead of freaking out, screaming, or running away, my daughter throws herself to the ground and just lays there when she doesn't get her way.  Its actually quite amusing.  

 She didn't want to leave the pet store.....

 She didn't want to leave the Frozen sing-a-long at Disneyland.  They kicked us out...I blame them.

She wanted to draw on merchandise with a concealed crayon she was carrying around.


I've decided to do a photo series of my life with a toddler.   While having a toddler can be crazy, I think that most of the time its crazy hilarious.  


When Bam gets frustrated with me (i.e, I won't give her my coffee, I won't let her run into oncoming traffic, her dad won't let her eat the box of tampons she found...the list goes on), she throws herself to the ground.  She doesn't usually cry, just expresses some level of disgust with her parents, and the state of her life with a long annoyed sigh.  

So, here are a few so far.

She's so goddamned cute.


We had such a sweet Easter yesterday.  I honestly didn't think that Bams would understand what hunting for Easter eggs meant, but we colored eggs Sunday morning (in true Bartole family fashion), blew them dry with a blow dryer to speed things up, and then dad hid them out in the front of our apartment.   We only had to show her how to find the first one, and she was off and running.   All 12 eggs were found, smashed to pieces, and eaten by two weiner dogs.

We forgot to take a family photo, but that's ok.....we will soon.