I like to make this pumpkin spice cake.  It's always a hit everywhere I bring it.  (Except the time I tried to make it with coarse salt.  What was I thinking?)

I used to tell people that the recipe would die with me.  I had this obsession with having an image of people the best baker, ever.  I am the furthest thing from perfect, and I am an "ok" baker, but to be fair, I have won an award for best cupcake frosting (It was at a preschool fundraiser, but an award is an award).  

So, I would like to thank Martha Stewart for this one.  Martha, we had this secret going a long time....and I love you.  

You can find the recipe here.  I don't usually do the honey frosting.  But its good, if you are into that sort of thing.  ;)



Isn't it crazy how life goes by so quickly?  Even more so when you have kids?  I swear I was *just* in highschool a few years ago, but I checked and that was 15 years ago (?!?!?!).    ugh.  CRAZY.

I bagged up a bunch of Alabama's shoes this morning during her nap.  A whole big ziploc bag FULL to the brim with shoes.  The cool part of this sad story?  I made all her shoes.  #proudmommoment.

I posted a new listing in the shoe department also.  Say hello to "Starry Night"!  She's a fun, all organic cotton canvas.  I love her.

 I have some fun ideas for my blog.  I have been thinking about it for a while now.  I am hoping to launch my ideas and have them come to life soon.  



We went to a pumpkin patch this last weekend.  Irvine Park Railroad over in Irvine, CA.  Well, first we went to the wrong one.  I have no one to blame but myself.  I got lazy with looking up the location and directions and just typed in "pumpkin patch farm" in Google thinking there would only be one in Orange County.  Bad idea.  Don't ever do that, especially if you are meeting people there that actually know where they are going.  

The place was very quaint in a beautiful park.  The train ride was actually a lot of fun but the line you have to wait in was pretty long. 

I am not a Halloween person.  I actually loathe this holiday with a passion, and I am not shy about it.   There's no reason for it, I just hate it.  I feel only slightly bad, though, since I know Alabama will probably like it and I should be more excited.  I guess there is always next year.  This year, I am trying, but failing.  I am more of a season gal.  I LOVE fall.  I love fall baking, cooking, decorating.  It feels cozy.  I enjoy cozy. 

Meh...To each their own?  Right?  Blah.

Here: Look at these pics.  


Dearest Alabama,

You are growing up so fast.

Please slow down.

Love, Mom.
I debuted a solid pair of red shoes yesterday.  I named them Red Rooster.   My dog's name is Rooster, who is a red color.  So, it seemed fitting.

I plan on having people over for the holidays this year.  Because, 1.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS as you can see.  and 2. I LOVE TO BAKE.  All I can think about, though, is changing out the curtains on all my windows.  I really need to work on that....


Lovely weekend spent with my family.  It was the first weekend where I could just put aside everything I thought I needed to be doing instead of having fun, and just had fun.  Its ridiculous how caught up I get with how things "should be".  What's funny, is that it's just an endless sea of disappointment, yet I have a difficult time "getting out" of that mind numbing train of thoughts.

This weekend, though, was well spent.

I got a few emails from happy customers saying how much they loved my shoes.  That makes my day every time I hear that.

Thank you, my sweet customers.  You've made me a happy shoemaker.

I have been so insane trying to get things organized over here and ready for the new season.

Have I told you how much I am in love with Fall?  It's my favourite.  It could still be 90 degrees outside, but it somehow changes the air.  I am on autopilot, and automatically start craving anything pumpkin spice.

I am NOT a fan of Halloween.  Not because I scare easily, which I do, but the whole holiday just doesn't appeal to me.  Now that I have a child, though, I feel as though I need to start pulling it together.  What to make though for costumes this year?  I really have no idea.  Thank GOD for Pinterest.

Lately, I have been focusing a lot on my pants/leggings/awesomeness.  I have 3 available on the website.  Starting at $22.  I love the organic cotton interlock fabric I went with.  Its so soft and plush and PERFECT for the little people in our lives.

Fun, right?


I am all signed up for my doula certification class for November with my good friend Karla.  We have both wanted to become doulas for a while, and we decided to go into it together.  I'm very excited for this next chapter of my life. 

The different turns you take in life are so interesting to me.  

Don't you love a giveaway?  I sure do.

I launched my Fall season line.  To help spread the word, im having a contest on my Facebook page.  Like, share, tag!  DO IT!  DO IT NOW!

2 winners will be chosen.