I converted a Girasol woven wrap I had into a ring sling today.  Ive been meaning to add one to my stash, and never got around to having one converted, but realized that since I had a sewing machine, I could do it myself!  After looking at and studying my friend's ring sling, I figured out how to do it. I went with the pleated shoulder.  (I know the terms now after I did it.  I didn't go over any tutorials until afterward...like a BOSS...not...more like a crazy)

I am quite pleased with the results.  If you are interested in sewing together your own ring sling, check out Sleeping Baby Productions.  She has the best tutorials and instructions.  And I like her voice in her videos.  She just sounds like a really nice gal.

Happy Babywearing and happy sewing!

I've been feeling stressed out.  My husband told me on Monday to go out and have fun this week.  I normally would brush it off and say that I was ok.  I was having enough fun chasing a baby around and not getting enough sleep.  I'M OK.

Instead- I decided to throw in the towel and head to Disneyland. I went Monday.  Had so much fun that I went on Tuesday.  Had SO MUCH FUN that I invited a friend and we went Wednesday.  Had SO MUCH EFFING FUN that we came back today(Thursday) with her 12 year old daughter.  (Yes, I have a pass).  It felt so good to just have fun, and not think about anything else.


In other news I have more solid colors available in the store:

Pink Lady!



I went for a short walk today with everyone (the dogs and Bam).  I turned the corner on my street and walked right into a giant spider web....WITH A SPIDER IN IT.  Sure, I am one of those annoying people that will talk NON-STOP about how spiders are the worst thing in the world....But can you disagree when you unwillingly and unexpectedly have one ON YOU?!  I flailed my body around (it was in my hair, then dropped down IN BETWEEN BAM AND ME (she was on my back in her carrier).  This is, quite possibly, my worst nightmare.  I TORE her off my back, got rid of the spider (the killing was actually an accident but RIP good buddy), and stood there in complete disbelief of what just happened.  When I finally collected myself and wrapped Bams back up, I heard a clapping and laughing coming from across the street.  This entire escapade happened right in front of a group of guys, maybe all around 25 years old.  Of course.  3 cheers to my smoothness.


I will say that it prompted me to laugh.  I laughed at myself a good lot for the following hour after the incident.

Laughing is so good.  Thank God for that.

I made the mistake of following Downton Abbey on Instagram.  I fell in love with this show when I was in the hospital a few years ago during the airing of its first season.  It was a wretched recovery to a random illness I have, but the important thing was that I found this show.  I think I watched the first season at least 20 times.  I watched it so many times, I started to believe I was British living in the turn of the century.  I tried getting the husband to watch it with me, however, it wasn't love for him, and it became quite taxing for me to include him in my obsession....annoying really.  

SO NOW- on Instagram, Downton Abbey keeps advertising their Season 5 Premier happening in 5 days....IN EUROPE.  ugh.  It doesn't come out in the states until January.  *Sadsies*  

Mr. Carson, Lady Mary...I need you. 

In other news:  I came out with skirts today.  I am so in love with their cuteness, I can't even take it.  

They are both available on the website.


Its been a week.  The flu hit our house like a hammer on a wall.  (is that even a saying?)  It felt like it was never going to go away.  The husband came down with it first, then me, then Bams, sadly.  She has been a trooper, though.  I was the only one that had to visit the urgent care twice, and the husband wants you to know how lame I am for not pushing through.  (He's being sarcastic...I think)  Ugh.  We are on the mend now.  THANK THE SWEET LORD.

In AlabamaJune news, my new tags for my shoes came.  I am in love.  I love them.  They are awesome.  

I also have the Bow+Arrow shoes available in red now!  I love these shoes because the pattern is awesome any way you cut it.  The red is so sporty and fun.

Out if all the things going on right now, Im excited best for the holidays to come in.  I LOVE fall baking, and Christmas is the best holiday in the entire world (says lady with a giant Christmas tree tattooed on her leg).  

I finally bought a cordless shutter switch for my camera.  I feel as though the doors to the sky opened up and I am able to speak to birds and plants, and flowers.  Oh, and it was a really good buy.  ;)  

My husband is such a wonderful iphone "photographer".  He takes some of the most beautiful pictures of nature.  When we lived in Northern California, he would always come home and show me the pictures he would take of the orchards and farms he would see on his drives to work.  BEAUTIFUL.  But when it comes to taking pictures of me, I somehow wind up looking lopsided. EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  In the end, I decided to bypass him entirely, and stick to doing it myself.  So far, so good.  Of course, any picture with Bams, is a good picture, lopsided or not.  

This morning we headed over to Marina Del Rey for breakfast.  It was nice, considering we both are recovering from having the flu, and being held up in our apartment for a week.  It is such a beautiful day.  

BTW- we are the family is lets their daughter sit on the table.  Hater's gunna hate.  

Alabama's outfit: Vintage Carter's onesie, AlabamaJune Skirt in Summertime, and AlabamaJune shoes in Watermelon.

My outfit: Vintage Levis Jean cutoffs, Pineapple Tank Top/ Old Navy, Converse Shoes, and I handmade the duster.

Stacey's outfit: MTV shirt/Junk Food, Newsboy hat/Brixton


Today was fun.
I experimented with wrap scraps and created a very sweet romper dress for Alabama.
I had been trying to come up with some ideas for things I can add to the store.
I will be slimming down the shoe selections to just a few styles, and adding more clothing to my line.
I think it will be a nice change, especially with the holidays approaching!

These romper dresses will be available first week of October!