I have been working on so many new things for my store.  I feel slightly overwhelmed with everything.  But its a good overwhelmed.

Bam is growing up so quickly.  We are having a small birthday party for her in a month(!!!) and we are also going to Disneyland with my family.  I am so beyond blessed having this charming, happy little girl as my daughter.

*Queue Bryan Adams*

Everything I do, I do it for her.


My husband and I celebrated 2 years of marriage today.  I loved our wedding.  Such a great day.

We decided to go to Big Bear over the weekend as a way to celebrate, and as a much needed get-the-heck-out-of-the-city vacay.  Alabama HATES to be in the car, so we started the 3 hour drive at 8pm hoping she would sleep the whole way.  No dice.  She slept for about an hour.  The rest of the drive seemed to last a lifetime, BUT we made it, and we all survived.  :)  

To preface, my husband is the furthest thing from a country boy.  Born and raised in Hollywood, CA, and settled miles and MILES away in Los Angeles.  ;)  So the entire time he thought we were going to be eaten by bears.  At one point he freaked out, claiming he saw a bobcat.  He even went into great detail about the size, shape, color of this cat that seemed to creep up to our door slowly and paused, blending into the ground below him.  After a few seconds that seemed like an hour, he took off into the darkness.  Th next day we found out it was just the neighbor's Persian cat.  If that doesn't give you a small glimpse into our relationship, I don't know what will. ;)

It ended up raining and thundering everyday, and while I LOVE that kind of weather, it wasn't fairing well with my husband, and we ended up cutting our trip a few days short, and coming home.  

We decided to head to the beach to celebrate our actual anniversary today.  So off we went to Venice Beach for some sun bathing and people watching.  Alabama did great.  She's so curious, and such a good sport.  

The best gift I got today was being able to take notice of how far we have come as a couple and as a family.  This time last year, I was still pregnant and we were living very far from any of our friends and family.  A very happy time in my life was tinged with a bit of depression, and it was a struggle for both of us.  We were so grateful to have been given the opportunity to move back to our home in Los Angeles.  Back to our people. 

But that's not the amazing part.  The amazing part is that we've been able to stay together and find ways to keep laughing everyday.  A wise woman once told me that the key to her long time relationship was to laugh as much as possible.  I hope we never stop.  


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